Your Super Your Way is the Go-To Superannuation Company in Perth

Your Super Your Way was established to better assist people with the daunting task of providing for their retirement. Our philosophy is simply, "No one cares more about your retirement, Than You".

Your Super Your Way has specialist advisors taking care of all legal, statutory and taxation matters associated with Self Managed Superannuation Funds. With this in mind the fund's trustees can focus on the task at hand, developing fund assets for the retiree's future.

Your Super Your Way is a superannuation company based in Perth that specialises in setting our clients up with self-managed superannuation funds for a happy and safe retirement. With our superannuation advice, you can rest assured that your retirement will be everything that you have always dreamed of. Money is one of the biggest causes of stress, and we don't want anyone to have to live with a stressful retirement. Our superannuation advice for Perth clients consists of three easy steps to ensure that your SMSF is well taken care of. We also offer our proffessional service to our interstate clients.

Step One: Initial Advice on Superannuation

The first step you need to take in order to get your Perth self-managed super funds up and running is to be provided with all of the advice you will need throughout the entire process. We fill you in on the procedures to establish an SMSF, the suitability of an SMSF, the issues which will be included in the fund trust deed, the annual regulatory and tax requirements for a fund, the development and implementation of an investment strategy for the fund, the rules of investment for a superannuation in Perth, tax considerations, compliance requirements, and different strategies which can build the fund.

Step Two: Establishing a Superannuation

After the initial advice on your Perth self-managed super funds, we will assist you with obtaining a trust deed, appointing trustees, obtaining a tax file number and an Australian business number, opening a bank account, nominating beneficiaries, and if required- implementing an insurance policy. Establishing a self-managed retirement fund can be complicated, but our advice will make the entire process simple.

Step Three: Maintaining Self-Managed Super Funds

Once you have established your self-managed superannuation funds, you must apply proper maintenance in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here at Your Super Your Way, we assist clients with establishing and maintaining fund records, preparing the financial accounts of the self-managed retirement fund in Perth, preparing annual compliance and tax returns, completing member statements, calculating tax payable, organising rollovers to the SMSF, tracking benefits that are both entering and leaving the SMSF in Perth (as well as any other financial transactions), ensuring all preservation requirements are adhered to, and overall ensuring that that your self-managed super is legal and meets with compliance.